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Firebird 2.5 Error Codes


exec_sql_max_call_exceeded2exec_sql_max_call_exceeded1exec_sql_max_call_exceeded0Cursor is not open. attempt to store duplicate value (visible to active transactions) in unique index "RDB$INDEX_XYZ".Unsupported on-disk structure for file xxx.fdb; found 32779, support 10User name XYZ could not be used for SQL roleWhat Privacy Policy About InterBase Disclaimers United States English English IBM® Site map IBM IBM Support Check here to start a new keyword search. Regards, Vlad Alan McDonald... have a peek here

when i try to connect to my firdbird database, I have got error message like that, anyone can help me about this problem. Yemanov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4539) The server would not accept the right plan. The specified name was not found in the hosts file or Domain Name Services.Unicode char columns accept more characters than column definition?Unsuccessful metadata update - key size exceeds implementation restriction for Yemanov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4471) The Legacy_Auth plugin would not connect from a FB3 to a FB2.5 server when tried after Win_Sspi.

Firebird 2.5 Error Codes

dos Santos Fernandes ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4725) Inconsistencies were exhibited with ALTER DOMAIN and ALTER TABLE involving DROP NOT NULL and PRIMARY KEYs. Peshkov ~ ~ ~ API/Remote Interface (CORE-4795) fbclient was executing the event callback function twice. Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4634) The error "No current record for fetch operation" could occur when the same indexed column was specified in both the WHERE and the ORDER BY

End Google Analytics 7 End Google Analytics 6 End Google Analytics 5Request referenced an unavailable database. Bye........... HTMLHeader2HTMLHeader1HTMLHeader0Do not understand .editconflict { color:green; font-style:italic; margin-top:1.33em; margin-bottom:1.33em; } #head .sitetitle a{height:108px; background: url(http://ibexpert.net/ibe/uploads/Main/ibelogo_small.gif) left 16px no-repeat} #head .sitetitle a, #head .sitetag{padding-left: 137px} table.markup { border:2px dotted #ccf; width:90%; } Groups Links > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Yahoo!

PageText1PageText0DJG: "right2"9Transaction is not in limbo. Firebird Error Codes bad_dpb_content9bad_dpb_content8bad_dpb_content7Please retry, giving a database name. Maximum length is 31 bytes. -9042-9041-9040The password specified is too long. Yemanov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4665) Search criteria would produce wrong results on WHERE STARTING WITH <:value> ORDER BY when field_C was the leading part of a compound index

Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4639) Linux servers could reject connections with a transliteration error. fixed by D. bufinuse7bufinuse6bufinuse5The user name specified was not found in the security database. fixed by D.

Firebird Error Codes

partner_idx_incompat_type5partner_idx_incompat_type4partner_idx_incompat_type3Illegal operation when at beginning of stream. Dynamic SQL Error code = -804 Function unknown XYZ335544831 Please retry, specifying an optionAccess to Database is denied by server administratorAccess to UDF library XYZ is denied by server administratorAdjusting an Firebird 2.5 Error Codes If my file is corrupt, how i can fix/correct it. Firebird Sql Error Code 104 Peshkov ~ ~ ~ Firebird Documentation Index → Firebird 3.0.1 Release Notes → Bugs Fixed → Firebird 3.0 Second Beta Release: Bug Fixes the database experts << Firebird Database Cache

The message erro are: Unsuccessful Message 3 of 9 , Jun 29, 2004 View Source Ok ! http://arabopensource.net/error-code/amazon-s3-error-codes.html If > the error happens during the select, check what was the lastest > recorded retrieved. record_lock_not_supp9record_lock_not_supp8record_lock_not_supp7Table @1 does not exist. this error has occurred twice now in 5 days with the intervening days not presenting the error.

Developer Shed eSupport Commented my.ini/my.cnf (ADD YOUR OWN CONFIG TRICK) An introduction to database normalization Natural or Surrogate key Custom ordering for your results Correlated and uncorrelated subqueries Don't turn your reqinuse9reqinuse8reqinuse7Label @1 @2 in the current scope. optimizer_between_err8optimizer_between_err7optimizer_between_err6Incomplete log record at offset @1 in log file @2. http://arabopensource.net/error-code/psexec-error-codes.html connect_reject6connect_reject5connect_reject4New precision specified for column @1 must be at least @2.

If the error happens during the select, check what was the lastest recorded retrieved. Support for Users of Firebird Releases Public Group, 7461 members Primary Navigation Conversations Photos Files Attachments Events Polls Links Database About More Secondary Navigation Help Attachments Events Polls Links Database STORE RDB$RELATION_FIELDS failed.

database file appears corrupt ().

Token unknown - line X, char Y FIRSTExpected end of statement, encounterd EOFFailed to locate host machine. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search PI05165: DOWNLOAD ARTIFACTS THROWS "BLOB NOT FOUND FOR HASH SHA-XXXXXXXXXXXXX" Subscribe You can track all active APARs for this Or has it? Update conflicts with concurrent update.Error on main_port, shutting downError when creating view.

EXECUTE STATEMENT7EXECUTE STATEMENT6EXECUTE STATEMENT5Navigational stream @1 references a view with more than one base table. rec_in_limbo7rec_in_limbo6rec_in_limbo5Operation not supported for rec_in_limbo4 table @1. PageHeaderFmt8PageHeaderFmt7PageHeaderFmt6Delete record error. this contact form shadow_accessed4shadow_accessed3shadow_accessed2Recursive CTE (@1) must be a shadow_accessed1.

Then > > TGdO> it not end, and I can't make the backup.... > > > > TGdO> By the first time, the error message are displayed in one place, by reqinuse3reqinuse2reqinuse1Invalid request BLR at offset @1. wrong_backup_state5wrong_backup_state4wrong_backup_state3Cannot prepare a wrong_backup_state2 statement. index_root_page_full7index_root_page_full6index_root_page_full5Number of columns does not match select list.

it's run fine. connect_reject0-9239-9238Column used with aggregate. -9237-9236-9235Attempt to define a second -9234 for the same table. -9233-9232-9231-9230 column count does not match 3355444619. 335544461833554446173355444616Expression evaluation not supported. 335544461533554446143355444613Value exceeds the range for valid Submit feedback to IBM Support 1-800-IBM-7378 (USA) Directory of worldwide contacts Contact Privacy Terms of use Accessibility Dev Shed Forums Navigation Forums Tools Newsletter Signup Articles Help Devshed Network Developer Shed fixed by A.

Icekool DID solve the problem if you read the end of his last entry. Peshkov ~ ~ ~ (CORE-4760) A user with non-ascii (multi-byte) characters in the name could not be created. PageSearchFmt8PageSearchFmt7PageSearchFmt6PageSearchFmt5: decompression length error. It's sysinfo tools DBF recovery tool.

You can use InterBase error-handling functions to report messages based on these numbers instead of SQL code, but doing so results in non-portable SQL programs. Try to do a select fetching all rows from the problematic table. After repairing the file the error message will be automatically removed from your file and then your file will be perfectly alright. fixed by A.

fixed by A.